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        Map of Ashdown Forest

        Map of Ashdown Forest

        This map shows the local area surrounding Ashdown Forest. Below, you can find details of you can travel to Pooh country.

        By Public Transport

        From London Victoria take the train to East Grinstead or from London Charing Cross take the train to Tunbridge Wells. From either town you take a taxi or ride the 291 bus to Hartfield Village, the High Street stop. At the south end of the High Street you will find Pooh Corner, where you can buy a simple map that will show you how to walk to Poohsticks Bridge.

        By Car

        From London airport (Gatwick or Heathrow) take the M 25 south to Exit 6, which is the A22, and then continue south on the A22 to East Grinstead, east on the A264 to the B2026, and then south on the B2026 to Hartfield.

        Travel information


        Tourist Information

        Turnbridge Wells Tourist
        +44 (0)1892 - 515 675

        Wealden Sussex Country
        +44 (0)1323 - 442667

        East Grinstead
        +44 (0)1342 - 410121